sobota, 20. april 2013

Blue and green - fresh, calming colors of strong awarness

Beautiful combinations.

Based on these two colors:

Misterious green...

And special, rare light emerald green...

Turquoise lights in my bedroom wristlet clutch

Green and blue put the magenta elements on the right position and give them enough space to breathe:
Different tones of ultramarine, deep blue, cobalt blue...amazing, blue has so many faces. It actually has an influence on one person's mood. It has a lot to do with undertones, composition and how large is the color field. It's a strong and suggestive color, but still not agressive.

ponedeljek, 01. april 2013

Interesting floral patterns!

There's plenty of them. Vintage, retro, new age, modern, antique, funky... Check a few of them. Good contrast between  very old design or texture and colors and modern technology - like iPhone!  

sreda, 27. marec 2013

Black and white designs

When you make an artwork which is based on black, white and grey, it's all about brightness, no other dimensions. Shapes and holes, lights and dark. When you decide that the design will only be white and black, whitout grey, it's not an easy job to do.
But if you put some elements of colors into the design, it changes all relations. Color can sometimes more freely "breath" in composition with less chromatic colors or greys. Besides that, grey sometimes becomes color, as a contrast to a color, which is in compostition with, or which is next to it. There's a large amount of really good black and white designs to find on the internet.

Just a little bit of pink on the exactly right places. Color always come with a shape. Could you find better color instead of pink for this particular design? Next design is based on the same idea, but as the color has been changed, the shape has to be modified as well. And - in this particular case -  bigger number of the green shapes is allowed, probably because of the shape characteristics and non-agressive nature of the color.

And here is one example, when the grey color is a little bit manipulated, it gently suggests a color.Street Wristlet Clutches
Street Wristlet Clutches by Catchy_Little_Art
Browse more Street Bagettes Bags

ponedeljek, 25. marec 2013

Brushes I adore

Photoshop brushes enable highly improved techniques. As an artist, you have to take time to to work out exactly what your brushes will do. There are different effects, you can achieve with only one type of a brush. One of them are dry, one of them have wet edges, some are double... And what about hitting the canvas, what can you achieve with one quick hit of a brush? It's an interesting research and it's definitely worth. Here are three of my favorite Photoshop brushes - simple ones. One image - one brush, but I kept changing the presets. (Dual brush, wet edges, scattering,...)Look at these textures! They are perfect.


 Organic shapes and textures and even colors (combination with undertones) obtained with Photoshop brushes are amazing for decorations on simple and minimalistic - shaped products.

nedelja, 24. marec 2013

I love digital art...

...particulary painting. Despite the fact that traditional painting techniques (oils, watercolor,...) are applied using digital tools by a computer graphics software, that offers virtual canvases and many different brushes, colors, pencils,..., the artwork is so different when it's made with digital tools and software. It feels different to look at the digital artwork. As a painter (I studied traditional painting) I love both processes of creating. Many advantages of traditional painting as a genuine contact with a substance, nature of the real brushes and pigments, phisical presence in a painters workingspace and larger actual size of an artwork are things that can never ever be replaced with any form of digital art. Even so, the process of digital creating enables the more playful and less systematic work - faster mindflow, the quicker realization and really fast feedback. Elements can easily be removed, opacity can be manipulated, also the size, colors, composition, alpha channel... A manipulated photo can be a base of an artwork as well. Copying the elements and manipulating the shapes is so much easier. It is definitely easier on one hand. On the other hand, the complexity that is enabled with digital tools, is a danger for an artist without a clear art aesthetic and art content visions, vision directions and practical - working systems and especially  - without knowledge and ideas. Visual effects can be so easily obtained, that a creator might forget their real meaning and purpose, which cannot be used only in the cause of some aesthetic reason but also in the name of the artwork communication (message). The most important thing is: digital arts and traditional arts differ in funkcion. 
Digital art can be judged by the same rules as traditional art - at list some of them. An artwork has to have something interesting and attractive at first sight. First of all - it have to be there to impress, to convince a viewer to make a good observation, to catch the first impression and feeling. I will be looking for an interesting artworks, and representing them on my blog. I will check the composition, colors, contrasts, inherent meaning the story, uniqueness and more. Here is one nice piece of digital art in a often used form - design for an iPhone case.  
Flowers iPhone Case